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Daylight Savings Synthesis Essay

Synthesis essays are closely similar to argumentative essays. The difference, however, is that with the former, you have to search for evidences through different sources -- from literary works, to news, and even interviews. Despite the few differences in style and content, the process you have to undertake is the same - connect the evidences to form a conclusion.

When writing a daylight savings synthesis essay, for example, you have to take note of the various inconspicuous connections spread throughout different media. For instance, finding the correlation between daylight savings and crime rates.

eople, especially the young ones, encounter difficulties in looking for these connections. There are, however, several practices that can make the faintest ties appear before you.

  1. Think out of the box. This is the most cliche advice ever, but this is also the only way to properly synthesize seemingly unrelated facts. Daylight savings revolve around the concept of time, thus the inclination to search for time-related ties. Although this isn’t wrong, the essay will be limited. It will be constrained to what most people already know. And this is why you have to think outside the box -- to explore beyond the time paradigm.
  2. Focus on the cause and effect. One way of escaping the box is to follow a trail of questions. What happens when you adjust time? What behaviors have changed with the changing of time? Where do people normally find themselves at the same hour in the night without daylight savings? Although this will require you to be inquisitive, these do not have to be entirely intelligent questions. These can be simple ones answerable by common sense or observations. The only reason why these need to be thought out is because they are so ordinary people often miss them. So when you put them in your daylight savings synthesis essay, it would feel something totally new to the average thinker.
  3. Read on unrelated articles. Thinking and questioning still has its limits, because you as a person has limits. The depth and span of your questions, after all, is only as deep and wide as your knowledge. Understand that this is not a question on your intelligence, but rather an acceptance of imperfections. Not one person can know everything. Every person, however, has the capacity widen and deepen their knowledge. And apart from experiencing things and talking with other people, there is no other way to do that than by reading. Again, it doesn’t have to be related to time. You can read fiction, non-fiction, news articles, blogs, anything. But make sure to remember important facts, like dates, numbers, places, times, and such because you may just need later on for synthesis essays.

The last thing you need to take note in writing synthesis essays is to stick with facts. A lot of writers unintentionally inject opinions. Generally, that’s alright, but should be very minimal. So when you write a daylight savings synthesis essay, don’t focus solely on your experiences. Know if the same applies to others, and then see if the personal fact is supported by statistics.